Cold Heading

In the metal forming industry, the cold heading is a metalworking process that incorporates the forging, extruding and upsetting process, which is specifically performed in the cold state, resulting in cold working. The cold heading process typically makes a near-net-shape work piece, which indicates the fact that the final product is almost finished although it can also create the final product less plating. An important consideration in the cold heading is the tendency for the wire to buckle if its unsupported length to diameter ratio is much too high.

Furthermore, cold working or cold forming is referred to any metalworking process in which the processed metal is shaped below its re-crystallization temperature, which is usually at the ambient temperature. Such processes, as physical nature, are contrasted with hot working techniques like hot forging. Therefore, cold forming techniques are often categorized as four major groups. Firstly, it is the squeezing process. Secondly, it is the bending method. Thirdly, it is the drawing mechanism. Last but not least, it is the shearing procedure. All these four are generally having their own advantages of being simpler to carry out than hot working counterparts.

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Cold Heading

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Cold Heading

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