With the help of the computer numerical control version of the EDM work machine, the EDM process has become more and more precise and accurate, thus achieving great business success. However, EDM is like other metal processing techniques, starting with manual operation first, and then gradually improving. In the last century, the wire-cut EDM machine was the first EDM type working machine. This machine came out in the late 1960s and its purpose was to manufacture tools and molds from hardened steel. The earliest numerical control (NC) machine tool was a conversion of a vertical milling machine with a perforated belt. In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union manufactured the first commercial CNC machine tool in Russia. It was a wire-cut electric discharge machine. During this period, aerospace, military and defense, and automotive processing were moving in a positive direction. Today, CNC EDM has become a must-have product for many manufacturing partners in the automotive, aerospace, automation and other fields.

CNC Wire Cut EDM

In the EDM category, there are multiple EDM processing methods. In this article, the main theme is CNC EDM. As far as this theme is concerned, in market and industrial applications, wire EDM is the first prototype of all EDM varieties. In the process of wire EDM, this is a manufacturing process, which usually uses sparks to generate the target shape, and the excess material of the workpiece will be removed from the workpiece.
In addition to EDM, the sinking of ZNC molds is also a processing method. It is mainly used for hard metals or those that are difficult to process with traditional techniques, and EDM is usually suitable for conductive materials. Therefore, a method for processing insulating ceramics using EDM has also been proposed. How to use insulating ceramics is not the subject of this article, and we will not discuss whether it is feasible here.
In addition, EDM can cut complex profiles or cavities in pre-hardened steel without the need for heat treatment to soften and re-harden them. Compared with some other processing methods, this makes the whole very convenient. This method can be used with any other metal or metal alloy (such as titanium). Because of its extremely small cutting characteristics, EDM can also be used for small micromachining, thereby ensuring very accurate micromachining quality. In common industrial analysis, it has been recognized that the term "micromachining" refers to the process of using tools with a diameter of less than 0.015 inches, and the tolerances also meet certain standards. In order to achieve micromachining, a small diameter tool can only be used with a spindle of a specific diameter, and the machine must be very precise and ideally standard.


CNC EDM and Application

Regarding the application of EDM machines, EDM can perform this type of processing with very good quality and results to meet market demand. Therefore, there are now many industries that require high-precision EDM micromachining to a micron-level tolerance standard. The birth of the micro machining center EDM provides machines and engineering services that meet these specifications to enable industry insiders to handle difficult and complex materials. Since EDM is a very common metal cutting technology in the industry, the development of the corresponding EDM is still in progress.
Today, CNC EDM technology is most widely adopted in the mold manufacturing, tool manufacturing, and mold manufacturing industries. It has become a routine method for prototypes and production parts used in pioneering projects, especially in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. Some experts may think that EDM processing is bound to the work slot, so the size of the workpiece may not be allowed to be too large. However, there are large models of EDM machines that can use larger types of EDM because this type of machining has great flexibility. In addition, in the EDM machining of hole drilling, the EDM machining of small hole drilling is used for a variety of purposes.



On the CNC EDM machine, the small hole drilling EDM is used to make a through hole in the workpiece, and the wire is passed through the through hole for CNC EDM operation. A separate EDM head dedicated to small hole drilling is mounted on the EDM and allows large hardened plates to corrode the finished parts from it as needed without the need for pre-drilling.

In the future, small hole EDM is likely to be used to drill rows of holes on the leading and trailing edges of the turbine blades of jet engines. Because EDM technology is exclusive, it has a high processing quality, and in many stages of the industry are in a leading position.

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