The Cyber Commerce Machine Trade Show (CCMT) is one of the most popular international online trade fairs in Chinese-speaking regions as well as the rest of the world. This platform showcases a myriad of highly developed precision machine tool models. A modern, multilingual, and interactive interface ensures a smooth user experience and eliminates language barriers from the past.

Many advertisers enlisted on the CCMT show come from both China and Taiwan, and manufacturers from these two areas contribute a significant portion to the world's best and most useful industrial machine tools. Combined, the suppliers from these two areas rank third in the machine tool world.

About the Cyber Commerce Machine Trade Show(CCMT)

Operating from Taiwan, the 5th largest manufacturing region in the machine tool industry, we have been offering our professional services throughout the past thirty years. The core of our business philosophy has always been to provide the most accurate and complete information to potential buyers while boosting the international marketing efforts of local suppliers.

This site is the key that opens the door to the greater-China market for you. We guide you to the most suitable machine tool model or whole turnkey solution that meets your manufacturing requirements. As a local media and marketing corporation, we understand the ins and outs of the machine tool sector in Taiwan and China like no one else. This knowledge and our widespread network allow us to provide unique and efficient services to our customers.

Multi-Media Platform & AI Technology Supported

On the CCMT site, we not only provide traditional multi-media content in text, video, images, and animations. We also implement our own AI technology to enhance the user experience. Together with an extensive machine tool database, this creates many types of information exchange. Advertisers can quickly and conveniently post all their relevant information and knowledge on our site, and showcase their products and services to a global audience. Our AI algorithm offers a wide range of customization options for content presentation.

Interactive and Interconnected

Our interactive and interconnected design approach multiplies the advertisement effect and strengthens message effectiveness. We have chosen this design for the CCMT platform because we understand the needs and expectations of the machine tool market worldwide and in the cross-strait region. Welcome on board! We are confident that you will enjoy your stay. And now, start exploring!

Quick Access & Easy to Share

You will find many product videos and website content. This allows you to access very detailed information about a product at anytime, anywhere.

With our built-in share button, feel free to share the content with your friends or co-workers to speed up your machine sourcing process.

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